The Beginning

My name is Caitlin and I love food.

I’m also a Public Relations student at the University of Oregon! I’m intrigued by the ways social media has brought fame, or something close to it, to many food bloggers (for example, Pioneer Woman, who now has a show on the Food Network), and the fact that individuals and large businesses can use the same outlets to reach out to prospective and current consumers of their food/service/blog.

This blog is the beginning of my plunge into the blog-o-sphere, exploring the ways social media is used by people for PR. Expect to read about people and businesses who I think are shining examples of using different outlets for food related PR… and at least a couple who failed. You can also expect occasional updates about fun things I’m whipping/baking/boiling up in the kitchen!

If you think this sounds wonderful, you can also follow me on Twitter :-)


What do you think?

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