Pinning is “Nothing But Good”

A short background…

I was introduced to Pinterest about 5 months ago. My brother’s girlfriend had been going on about how fun it was, and shortly after I discovered one of my coworkers was also an addict. It wasn’t long before I heard girls on campus talking about pinning things. One night when I was house sitting and totally bored I decided I’d find out what exactly Pinterest is, and why all these girls were so obsessed with it.

In the sites own words, “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.”

Initially after creating my boards I thought it was really silly, but treated it like Twitter and gave it a shot anyway (note* I still think Twitter is a silly place, but I get it now). I won’t call myself obsessed, but I go on Pinterest at least once a day now, if for no other reason than to see what other people are looking at.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that people, places, recipes, clothing, and all kinds of things were getting an incredible amount of exposure through Pinterest because of how simple it is to click the “repin” button. That said…

Chobani Greek Yogurt might be one of the best things ever. Their slogan, “Nothing but good.” is only wrong in that I would say “great”, or maybe “fantastic”, because every time I have it I’m just so incredibly satisfied and happy. It’s SO good-great-fantastic (go get some). In addition to being delicious I’ve been impressed with Chobani’s social media presence, especially their use of it for public relations. On Facebook and Twitter they’re always quick to respond and interact with people. On occasion people have purchased yogurts that ended up being moldy, and they were always compensated with vouchers and apologized to- often within an hour (or much less) of posting.

I recently discovered Chobani’s official Pinterest page.

Chobani is using Pinterest as a way to interact with the people who already love their yogurt, and to get recipes that use their product out for addicts and newbies to see. The board “Choboniac Creations” is entirely dedicated to showing off recipes that use greek yogurt that have been shared by people who love Chobani. By linking back to the person’s blog, it’s a win-win in that both the blogger and Chobani are getting more attention.

I love Chobani, and I basically love Pinterest. Both are wonderful in their own ways and have definitely contributed to the happiness of thousands of people, myself included, by being a fun little addition to life. Why not combine the two?


4 thoughts on “Pinning is “Nothing But Good”

  1. Hey, Caitlin! Thanks for taking note of our Pinterest page…we’re definitely havin’ a blast pinning & re-pinning everything from recipes, inspirational quotes, places we’d love to travel, to things that make us simply LOL. We’re happy to have you as a fan, and this post definitely added a little bit of happiness to our day. As a special thanks, we’d love to send ya a case of CHO on us…please send me an email & I’m happy to get it out to ya :)

  2. I love Chobani, too. My doctor told me to eat “yogurt, yogurt, yogurt” for a minor digestion issue — gas pockets, sorry to offend anyone. I’ve tried them all, including the brand Jamie Lee’s touting. It’s too sweet and hardly more than a couple of spoonsful. Chobani is substantial, tasty and tart. Peach is my favorite. And yes, the doctor’s suggestion has settled my “digestive unease” so now I eat a Chobani every day.

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