I don’t get paid to fix privacy settings.

Happy new year!

I haven’t written a new post since April… and with that one I was all “I should start blogging again!” because it had been a month. Mwerp. So, not as a resolution necessarily, but more of a “this would be good for me” decision I made after talking to my brother about something unrelated, I’m going to get back at it… again.

I’ve been in my current internship for about a year and a half now, with a lot of the work I’ve done centering around social media. Oftentimes I’ll tell people that detail and their instant reaction is to ask me a random question about how to change their privacy settings or generally teach them about Facebook or Twitter. While I’m absolutely capable of doing those things, let me tell you about what I actually do right now; it seems like a good starting point since I haven’t written a blog post in 8 months.

When I say that “social media is a part of my internship,” I mean that I find content for our clients to post that is relevant to their industry/product. Sometimes I find the content and I’m also the person who posts it (one example is our client Texters– the link will take you to their Facebook page). I use the website¬†Hootsuite because one person easily has access to multiple accounts, and the ability to schedule future posts; Hootsuite also happens to be the site my boss was already using when I started working for her, there are many similar sites. If you have your own business or use social media for more than your personal page you might want to check it out.

This picture is relevant because I mention Nike in the next paragraph, and I am proudly wearing my bright pink Nike's in this photo.

This picture is relevant because I mention Nike in the next paragraph, and I am proudly wearing my bright pink Nike’s in this photo.

Many companies have entire departments dedicated to social media (I’m always super impressed by Nike in this area), because one minor mistake can turn into a big mistake in a short amount of time if it isn’t acknowledged and fixed quickly– see my post about McDonald’s last year. Posts on Facebook and Twitter can’t entirely be talking up a product or company because people won’t pay attention to those for long, if at all, but posts still need to be relevant to the product/company.

Finding those relevant and interesting pieces of information is what I do. :-)