Spam-free Twitter?

Whenever I’m asked about Twitter my first reply is, “It’s a silly place,” similar to how King Arthur describes Camelot in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Trends change by the hour, and one mistake from a company can spread within seconds and quite suddenly become a news story. However silly a place it may be, Twitter is useful for sharing all kinds of information… with varying degrees of importance.

At the very bottom of the importance chain we find spam. Stupid, slimy, not-the-food, spam. Anyone who has ever had an email address knows just how frustrating spam is and, unfortunately, it is prevalent in the 140 million active-user Twitterverse.

Bale Milford and I have never been introduced... and I have no interest in his spam-y link!
And yeah... Middle-earth Podcast follows me.

So it was to my great delight when I read this article on Mashable that Twitter filed a lawsuit today against five of the major spammers. As stated by Twitter, “Taking legal action sends a clear message to all would-be spammers that there are serious and costly consequences to violating our Rules with their annoying and potentially malicious activity.”

Spam is generally an easy thing to ignore and avoid, but it sure is annoying and can really mess stuff up if someone mistakenly clicks on it. By suing five of the major groups creating spam, Twitter is not only sending a message to potential future-spammers but also to other groups not included in the current lawsuit.

Even if Twitter somehow loses the lawsuit, at least they made an effort to improve the quality of their space on the internet. The announcement was just made today and already there are thousands of happy tweeters spreading the news that Twitter is taking action against spammers. I think I’ll join their ranks.